Use Social Media to Kick off Your Customer Journeys

Well begun is half done. This is true for a game, a project or a customer journey. 
A great start is needed for your customer journey in order to guarantee high conversions. And social media is the right tool to achieve it.
1. Find out the purpose of customer visits
An individual uses social media to connect with his acquaintances and past networks. A customer uses it to follow their favorite brand updates. Open and shut case, right? Not really. Social media was once synonymous with core networking. But now, there are broader reasons for a customer to visit a brand’s social media channels. Some of them are listed below according to priorities.
  • Complain about a product or service.
  • Get customer reviews.
  • Get information about a product or service.
  • Find deals.
  • Browse products and buy them if needed. 
Use digital analytics to find out the top reason for customer visits to your brand social channels. This will help you to define and deploy powerful social media campaigns. 
2. Screen to shop or shop to screen
What business impact do you wish to achieve by using social media in your customer journeys? Often teams are at a loss to answer this question due to vague strategies. Do you wish to use social tools as a facilitator to shopping visits to branches or themselves as a final purchase destination? 
Once you have your vision clear, you can prep your  customer service, marketing and sales teams in making the customer journeys actionable and memorable. A delightful experience is must and that can be achieved through seamless integration in CRM software
3. Track movement to even non-social journeys
A social media strategy often starts and ends in social media sites. A customer journey does not.  By using the impressions, engagement and demographic intelligence garnered through CRM analytics and integrated tools like Google analytics, identify the role social media plays in your campaigns over both social and non-social interactions. 
Build a comprehensive customer profile through cookies, mobile IDs and image pixels (be aware of the rules first though). This will help you to create a top down approach, involving both online and offline channels in creating a delightful customer journey in CRM solutions. Don’t leave a customer orphaned by disjointed journeys. 
Social media can be a great asset in enabling customer journeys that are revenue generating and cost efficient. Thus, making your brand a match winner in customer experience

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