Insurance Journeys: Convert Omnishambles to Omnichannel Customer Service

The holy grail of service for insurance customers are tightly integrated care channels, seamless onboarding, and a unified 360-degree profile view.   However, insurers undertaking this quest often stumble to adapt to emerging customer preferences, creating chaotic shambles instead of a cohesive omnichannel experience.   How can your insurance business convert omnishambles into sweeping digital... Continue Reading →

Digital Banking Journeys: 3 Instruments to Orchestrate Contextual Customer Engagement

Without water, life ceases.   Without context, so does engagement.   Contextual engagement is the holy grail for building customer relationships.   Through it, businesses get to know what's happening with customer/product interaction in real-time and understand, predict and build more intimate relationships.    Contextual aspirations     Lack of synchronization between back-end, middle-office and... Continue Reading →

Banking Journeys: Go Digital, Be Invincible

Legacy systems of traditional banks are unpacking tensions for the top management.   While customers and competition are flying to the digital age and beyond, they are stuck back in the analog age. But the story is changing. Terrified of the fate that befell Blockbuster(Netflix), Nokia (Android), Taxi Services (Uber), Yahoo (Google), they are on the... Continue Reading →

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